Power outages during the summer break were treated like some sort of sacred ritual and required advance planning. Candles, refreshments, and the games that must be played when the power goes out

Candles didn’t appear like much of a luxury item; they seemed like a common home item. Nonetheless, the notion of a candle-lit meal has persisted since the advent of movies or earlier. Thinking of candles now, the variety would amuse one—it’s no longer the plain old boring white wax candles from power cut days; we are in the era of toxin-free, clean soy candles, and there are endless ways of using them.

One major reason candles came into existence some 5000 years ago was as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations. Today, candles are a crucial component of modern interior design.

Candles enhance the décor regardless of the aesthetic you want, be it traditional, contemporary, or eclectic.

Let’s travel through some of the ideas on how we can incorporate soy candles into home décor;

  1. Glamorising the dining table

Soy candles will always enhance the look of your dining area, whether it’s to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, Christmas to Hanukkah, for all your gatherings, soy candles will elevate your dining room décor any day.

  1. Establish your own cozy corner.

A corner to sit and relax, a corner that shrieks ‘you’, add scented soy candles to add that touch of warmth and freshness.

  1. Amp up your washroom game

Add scented soy candles to your everyday bathing routines for a touch of luxury.

Wow your guests with some unique fragrances at the least expected place.

  1. Mix and match colours and shapes

The living room is not only for guests but also for the whole family to gather around and be with one another. Make this place extra special and add a scented soy candle of choice representing each of the family members.

  1. A crucial component of coffee tables

We always desire that area in our balconies or gardens, with that adorable little coffee table setup, whether we are coffee, tea, or any other healthier alternative people.

Create various moods for your morning, evening, or night setup with just a change of scent and shape of your candle.

The possibilities are endless, but the point is simple: create memories through your special touches as L. M. Montgomery rightly said, “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”

The modern human desires comfort and independence, and while both are possible, they come at a price. While we become increasingly busy at work and strive for “work-life balance,” loneliness is a price that must be paid. Let’s pause, take a deep breath, remember those summer vacations, light some soy candles, and find the balance we sorely need while rekindling our relationships with one another and ourselves.

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