Lighting up candles can be fun from the very first burn till the last burn. There are candle lovers who even let it burn through the night and sleep in. Aaaahh.. such a cozy space we’d imagine it to be right? But what if you spend too much and burn unnecessarily for too long. Here we are with some tips and hacks to make your scented experience last longer than your dreams.

Tip #1: Trim your wick before every use 

Once you’ve burned your candle, the wick should be perfectly trimmed before re-lighting it again and to be continued subsequently. This ensures a clean burn till the very edge of your wax is melted. Use a wick trimmer or tissue to remove the burnt portion.

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Tip #2: Always Use your Lid —

We love, love, love, candle lids that’s why Kokobella provides candle lids inside each package that gets delivered out there. It makes candles look finished when they are not in use, away from dust and keeps the fragrance intact. Our soy wax is pretty soft and digging to get the dust.

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Tip #3: Perfect the art of the first burn — 

The first time you light is a commitment. Leave the burning wick long enough to melt the way all the way to the edge/sides. If it doesn’t reach the end, your candle will end up tunneling and this is when you end up with unmelted wax in a closed circle in the middle of the candle.

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Tip #4 : Minimum Breeze or air-con etc. —

Constant breeze or movement of air from the a/c in your room or space will make the wick flicker and dance to create unwanted melting around the sides of the candle

Tip #5: Every time enjoy your lit candle for between 1–4 hours (depending on the size) —

Every candle business owner/manufacturer creates different sizes or shapes for suggested burn times. Below are some rough guidelines for the approximate burn times of various candle sizes. :
a) Sample size candles (original size)= burn up to 4 hrs. at a time
b) Full-size candles = burn up to 5 hrs. at a time
c) XL double/triple wick candles = burn up to 6–7 hrs. at a time.

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Tip #6: Not to keep the candle burning for long hours —

If you continue burning your candle for more than its stipulated time, the wick end’s up mushrooming creating a glob of black carbon on the top of the wick. Left for too long the blackened wick will
a) fall into the wax
b) contaminate your candle
c) discolour the creamy wax

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Alas, If you’re a real candle lover, you’d find out and research ways to make your scanted candle burning experience worth it every time. Always keep the above mentioned points to spread awareness in your circle who love lighting up candles too, most use them for aromatherapy or to enhance their self-pamper routine. Kokobella candles are the best in town they say, so why not try it for yourself this time.

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