Corporate businesses often exchange gifts as a way to build and maintain relationships with clients, employees, and partners. Picking the ideal present might be difficult since it must be appropriate, considerate, and beneficial. Because they have a number of advantages that make them an ideal choice for organisations, candles are becoming a more and more popular alternative for corporate presents. Candles can assist to relax the environment, lessen worry and tension, and increase concentration and productivity. They also come in a range of smells and designs, so you may tailor the present to the recipient’s preferences. Additionally, candles are affordable and easy to find, making them a practical and convenient gift option for businesses. This article will discuss Why do candles make the perfect thank you gifts for corporates?

Best Scented Candles In India - Kokobella

1. Custom-made candles: 

Candles or may we say scented aromatic candles are loved by pretty much everyone. Giving a beautifully designed custom-made candle is known to be very thoughtful and values the recipient. Let’s forgo traditional gifting styles like stationery, calendars, etc. This connects people on a personal level, to give a feeling of appreciation to one another. A good investment for future business deals to make.

2. Many options to fit your budget: 

Many small to medium enterprises do not have the excess fund to impress or welcome their client/consumers with expensive lunches or extravagant gifts. The best they can do is affordable but with quality. If your marketing side budget is limited, you can pick and choose what represents and suits your brand.

Well-designed candles with logos or messaging can trigger positive emotions in the receiver’s mind. And when a client/customer has a good feeling about your company or you as an individual, they won’t leave your side thereby increasing your sales.

3. Helps spread good word about your brand (WOM): 

When a consumer makes use of your gift/souvenir, others are also exposed to your brand’s identity and this goes a long way to ensure the development of new relationships which help in brand building. This type of “word of mouth” marketing is highly effective as it’s recommendation increases from one to another.

4. Setting you apart from competitors: 

Branded scented soy candles like Kokobella itself comes under a unique gifting category, only if you gift your client a scent that stands out from the competitors. Many folks love soothing, eco-friendly, cruelty-free candles which can be more of a conscious choice of gifting.

Choosing a fragrance that remains in your mind to last forever will ensure more noses will love your scented candle and be attracted towards it to use it.

5. A perfect example for other brands: 

Making use of your candles as a multi-purpose gifting option turns all the tables towards your brand. Everyone else in the market is super jealous of the fact that how an object can be of so many usages. It’s amazing how candle lovers make use of their fragrances however they want like while yoga, goodnight’s sleep routine, meditation, movie nights, romantic dates, home decor, etc.

Hope you’d make such use of scented soy fragrances and we’d be glad if you tried out KOKOBELLA– handcrafted aromas, for gifting options. Do let us know by DM’ing us on our Instagram channel.

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