If you wonder what calms a mind down the most, it shall be scented candles according to the traditional times. Luxury scented candles which soothes our stressed souls after a busy day is what we all need before going to bed. Some aromatic candles online are preferable rather than buying it from your nearest local shop. You get to choose from loads of varieties according to the flavours,shapes, sizes and preferences you want. Soy wax candles compared to paraffin wax are the best to order because of numerous reasons being the most eco-friendly, no residue and releases less smoke when burned. Popular candles are those which comes mixed with minimum of two types of waxes utmost. You can use our products as decorative candles too at your home space. Kokobella soy fragrances is highly recommended as home decor candles & also a good burning routine to follow before sleeping.

Choose your aromatic candles and where to place them:

Some scents are made for your taste and some are not, so you have to choose your type of fragrance that you are going to stick to, when you burn your candles for long hours. To get lost in the most enigmatic aroma and allow your senses to relax, you would have to explore a wide range of scented candles and pick the best one to suit your mood whenever or wherever you light it up. You need to know the various benefits before you start exploring this segment of soy candle flavours.

  1. Scents that calms your nerve : Lavender, Patchouli 
  2. Scents that increase productivity : Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass 
  3. Scents to refresh your souls : Kiwi, Marshmallow, Rose, Strawberry 
  4. Scents for pleasing aromas : Vanilla, Coffee, Sandalwood , Cigar 
  5. Scents for long- lasting effect :Oud, Oud-tobacco

If you’re wondering and confused as to where to place them, here are few options suggested by us:

  1. Bedroom ( on the bedside table) 
  2. Bathroom ( near the tub/basin) 
  3. Dining Area/ Sitting Area 
  4. Study Room/ Creative Room 
  5. Yoga/recreation/ meditation room
use your candles for last longer

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