Why are Soy wax candles safer than Paraffin Wax candles?

Let’s start with the basics: Soy wax candles are made from all natural ingredients; soy oil and paraffin wax are also mostly all natural and created from crude oil. Simple enough to understand? Well, you will be surprised to know how different they can actually be. So why soy wax candles? Before we think of […]

Scented Candles Online and Their Benefits

With all that COVID has taught us—from the value of cooking to the significance of mental health—the little flickering aromatic bundles of pleasure have also been acknowledged for their outstanding healing abilities. Yes, scented candles! There are numerous types of aromatic candles available today online. There are soy candles, paraffin candles, candles that smell like […]

Soy Wax Candles & Home Decor

Power outages during the summer break were treated like some sort of sacred ritual and required advance planning. Candles, refreshments, and the games that must be played when the power goes out Candles didn’t appear like much of a luxury item; they seemed like a common home item. Nonetheless, the notion of a candle-lit meal […]

Light the Night : Tips to get your soy candles last longer!

Tips to get your soy candles last longer!

Lighting up candles can be fun from the very first burn till the last burn. There are candle lovers who even let it burn through the night and sleep in. Aaaahh.. such a cozy space we’d imagine it to be right? But what if you spend too much and burn unnecessarily for too long. Here […]